Sentence 4397


Domina voastră

2nd sg. hhon.

- this is a rarely used highly polite form; obsolete


2nd sg. hon.

- etymologically this term is derived from domina

'Lordship' + -ta (2nd sg poss) = 'Your Lordship';

according to ) this is the middle level of

respect in Rumanian pronouns


2nd sg. hhon.

- according to F. ), there are three

levels of respect in Rumanian pronouns, this one is

more respectfull than dumneata;

- probably under the influence of French the polite

term of address ist used with a 2nd pl possessive pronoun -voastră instead of the sg possessive -ta which is the older form (cf. Head 1979:186)


2nd sg. fam.