VSO, but NegSVO 6
SVO, but SNegOV 3
SVO, but SONegV 1
SVO, but SOVNeg 1
SVO, but NegVSO 1
SVO but SO[V-Neg] 1
SVO but SO[Neg-V] 1
OSV but NegSVO/O[Neg-V]S 1
SVO, but NegSNegOV 1
SVO, but SONeg[V-Neg]/SO[Neg-V-Neg] 1
SOV but SONeg[V-Neg]/S[Neg-V-Neg] O 1
SVO/VSO, but NegSVONeg 1
SVO/VSO, but [Neg-V]SO(Neg) 1
SVO/SOV, but SVONeg 5
SVO/SOV, but SNegVO 1
SVO/SOV, but SNegOV 1
SVO/SOV, but SOVNeg 1

Feature 144C: Languages with different word order in negative clauses

This feature is described in the text of chapter 144 Position of Negative Morpheme With Respect to Subject, Object, and Verb by Matthew S. Dryer

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Language Value Reference
Id Primary text Analyzed text Gloss Translation Type Language Details