van de Kerke 2007

van de Kerke, Simon. 2007. Reciprocal constructions in Bolivian Quechua. In Nedjalkov, Vladimir P. (with the assistance of Emma Geniusiene and Zlatka Guentchéva) (eds.), Typology of reciprocal constructions, 1367-1401. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

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AU  - van de Kerke, Simon
ED  - Nedjalkov, Vladimir P. (with the assistance of Emma Geniusiene
ED  - Guentchéva), Zlatka
PY  - 2007
DA  - 2007//
TI  - Reciprocal constructions in Bolivian Quechua
BT  - Typology of reciprocal constructions
SP  - 1367
EP  - 1401
PB  - Benjamins
CY  - Amsterdam
ID  - van-de-Kerke-2007
ER  - 
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        <title>Reciprocal constructions in Bolivian Quechua</title>
    <name type="personal">
        <namePart type="given">Simon</namePart>
        <namePart type="family">van de Kerke</namePart>
            <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">author</roleTerm>
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            <title>Typology of reciprocal constructions</title>
        <name type="personal">
            <namePart type="given">Vladimir</namePart>
            <namePart type="given">P</namePart>
            <namePart type="given">(with</namePart>
            <namePart type="given">the</namePart>
            <namePart type="given">assistance</namePart>
            <namePart type="given">of</namePart>
            <namePart type="given">Emma</namePart>
            <namePart type="given">Geniusiene</namePart>
            <namePart type="family">Nedjalkov</namePart>
                <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">editor</roleTerm>
        <name type="personal">
            <namePart type="given">Zlatka</namePart>
            <namePart type="family">Guentchéva)</namePart>
                <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">editor</roleTerm>
                <placeTerm type="text">Amsterdam</placeTerm>
    <identifier type="citekey">van-de-Kerke-2007</identifier>
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