Datapoint Breton / Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns

Feature:Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns by Johannes Helmbrecht
Value:Binary politeness distinction


Sentence 3917:


2nd sg. hon.

- form of polite address with the 2nd pl pronoun is

employed only among the group of speakers of the age

of 60 and above who have learned Breton as their first


- they addressed their parents with c'hwi;

- second language learner (younger generation) use the

2nd sg te;

- they are taught now to use the polite form against

elders (70% of all Breton speaker are 70 years and older);

- 2nd person sg polite form of address, used

like vous in French which was historically the model for

the polite usage of 2pl pronouns in Breton)