Datapoint Khalkha / Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns

Feature:Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns by Johannes Helmbrecht
Value:Binary politeness distinction


- incl./ excl. distinction has been neutralized, the old 1st plincl form has become obsolet, has survived only in the obliquedeclension

- person distinctions and politeness distinctions can be found onlyin some imperative-optative moods according to )


2nd sg. fam.


2nd sg. hon.

- used for the familar/ neutral address of a group of

people and for the polite address of an individual

taanuus, taanuud

2nd sg. hon.

- both forms have a pleonastic plural via the

attachment of -uus and –uud; -uud is aplural suffix for

nouns which designates politeness