Datapoint Spanish / Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns

Feature:Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns by Johannes Helmbrecht
Value:Binary politeness distinction


2nd sg. fam.

- 2nd pers sg familiar in European Spanish;

- in American Spanish (Argentine, Paraguay, Urugway, CentralAmerica) the Old Spanish ('Siglo de oro') polite form vos (=2nd pl) has replaced and is used for a familiar addressof a single addressee;

- in Mexico, Peru, and Caribbean Islands, vos has beendisappeared as a form of address (the same developement as inEuropean Spanish)


2nd sg. hon.

- 2nd sg polite address; it is a phonological reduction

of vuestra merced ‘Your honour’;

- there is no comparable form of polite address in the

object pronouns


2nd pl. hon.


2nd pl.

- 2nd person pl familiar pronoun in European Spanisch;

- in American Spanish this pronoun is lost, the politeness formustedes is used instead neutralizing the familiar-politenessdistinction in the plural category