Datapoint Tagalog / Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns

Feature:Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns by Johannes Helmbrecht
Value:Multiple politeness distinctions


Sentence 2731:


2nd sg.

- the 2nd person sg pro is used, if the hearer is a relative of the younger generation, a friend, a social inferior person, among children and adolescents age-mates, and to address God


2nd sg. hon.

- the 2nd pers pl pronoun is politely used if there is a social distance between the interlocutors, i.e. if a child addresses an adult, an employee an employer, between adults which are socially equal, but not intimate, to relatives which belong to the older generation (regardless actual age)


2nd sg. hhon.

- the 3rd person pl pronoun is occasionally used to express great respect and to mark great social distance; it is used to address monarchs or high politicians